We have been teaching adults and teenagers to drive safely since 1995 throughout
the Charlotte area.

At Helms Driving School, our number-one objective is to ensure that our students
develop and maintain safe practices on the road as well as learn the art of defensive
driving. The professional and licensed instructors at our facility feel that it is their
obligation to provide a level of service that is in accordance to safety rules and
regulations as provided by the NC DMV.  Here at Helms Driving School, we know that
there is no substitute for classroom instruction with a knowledgeable instructor and
real, behind-the-wheel training can only be achieved by actually getting behind the
wheel. We want you to feel at ease in knowing that you are working with the best team
of professionals in the industry.

Our Driving Instruction Includes:

  • Approaching intersections and dealing with traffic signals and signage
  • Abrupt stops
  • Reverse driving
  • Effectively stopping, starting, and parking your vehicle
  • Shifting to a lower gear on a hill
  • Appropriate use of turn signal and horn
  • Turning
  • Use of lanes
  • Following another vehicle
  • Passing
  • Yielding right-of-way to pedestrians and other vehicles
  • Driving posture
  • Three-point turns

www.ncdot.org/dmv for more information.
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